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My name is Cassie Howell I live in Tennessee and I’m 34 years old. I have several disabilities that A dog could really help my quality-of-life and then dependence come back. Before I get into that I want to tell you a little bit about me I love scrapbooking I love the color pink and teal I love clothes and I also sell make up and skin care as a hobby as well as other things. So I have several disabilities like I noted before I am in a wheelchair due to a double amputation, type one diabetic, legally blind, in stage for kidney failure. All these have came from my diabetes when I was diagnosed at the age of 11 and I just started having complications in the past five years where everything has hit at once. A dog could really truly give me back my quality-of-life and independence right now I live with my parents due to safety reasons even though I have a house next-door. The dog will help me be able to alert me when my blood sugars higher low alert me when my blood pressure is high or low because my blood pressure varies due to my kidney disease. Also the dog will be able to open doors for me help me get things up out of the floor help balance me whenever I transfer or need to get something on the floor the dog will also be a great companion emotional stability when dealing with anxiety you’re going into the hospital, also the dog will be able to alert my parents if I fall on my wheelchair and there is an emergency of any kind there’s so many things that this dog can do for me and probably things I don’t even realize at this point right now. I’m super excited about having this opportunity to take this journey of getting a service dog. The expenses will pay for the dog of course and anything else that I need along the way as I take this journey. I want to thank everybody right now from the bottom my heart and that means absolutely the world to me.

-- Cassie

Other Fundraising

  • GoFundMe

    Cassie is also raising money on GoFundMe. If she raises more money than she needs to cover her placement fee, she will be keeping some money to cover her placement expenses like lodging. You can visit her GoFundMe page to see how that campaign is going. As funds are transferred from that campaign to EENP, they will be listed on the donor wall below as "GoFundMe transfer".
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  • Facebook

    Cassie has a Facebook page for her campaign and partnership where she is also asking for donations. 
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Cassie is raising money to support a partnership with an assistance dog to help her with managing her diabetes and its complications. Cassie needs your help! Donate today to support her placement.


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