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Service Dog Program

Our Service Dog program provides trained dogs to assist individuals with mobility impairments.

People with mobility impairments experience many physical barriers that reduce or eliminate their ability to live independently and take part in mainstream society. Some require assistance with every aspect of personal care and daily living while others simply have difficulty navigating spaces that are not designed for access. Safety, well-being, and access to experiences outside the home often hinge upon hired personal attendants. Many times an uncomfortable balance must be struck, weighing costly (and scarce) attendant care against the safety and comfort of individuals with disabilities.

Service Dog partnerships encourage independence which, in turn, offers more opportunities, dignity, and privacy for people with mobility impairments.

Medical Detection Dogs and the
Diabetic Assistance Dog Program

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and have been demonstrated to be able to detect medical conditions, such as hypoglycemia or cancer. They can often do so at an earlier stage or more accurately than existing medical technologies and have the potential to do so quite cost-effectively. Most importantly, however, they provide a non-invasive detection of many conditions that currently can only be detected with invasive medical technology, and they can do so on a continuous or near continuous basis.

Our Diabetic Assistance Dogs work with diabetic individuals to detect fluctuating blood sugar levels, preventing hypoglycemic comas and helping diabetic individuals to better regulate blood sugar levels. They can rouse their handlers from sleep to alert them, or, if needed, they can alert another person to the medical crisis.

Help us change lives!

Our programs contribute to improved short and long term health for our clients, as well as increasing their independence, integration, and dignity. Once you've become a part of making it happen, we're sure you'll agree it's a priceless combination.

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