Medical Alert Dogs

With her phenomenal sense of smell, a medical alert dog can detect changes in medical condition, like a drop in blood sugar, well before medical technology can detect those changes. This “early warning” allows our clients to take corrective action and maintain better control of their medical conditions, avoiding short-term medical crises and leading to dramatically fewer long-term complications.

Most of our medical alert dog placements are diabetic assistance dogs. These dogs use their noses to assist individuals with diabetes by detecting fluctuating blood sugar levels and alerting their handlers to these changes, preventing hypoglycemic comas and helping diabetic individuals to better regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetic Assistance Dogs can rouse a sleeping handler or, if needed, alert another person to the medical emergency.


“Big B has really made a difference in my health and our future. My A1C, which measures average blood sugar over the last three months, has dropped over two points and has gone from 'poor' to the low end of 'GOOD'... that happened in two months.”

EENP Diabetic Alert Dog client
Client Team Training, June 2012

“I had a seizure type episode, leaving me stranded in bed, unable to get to my diabetic kit or juice, but Duncan was able to go to the fridge, open it, grab a juice box, and bring it to me in bed. I truly believe he saved me that night.”

Diabetic Alert Dog client