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EENP turns 10!

EENP's tenth anniversary passes in a rush as we get ready to host our twelfth graduation and graduate our 24th and 25th teams.

ABEL program expands

The ABEL program opens at Caswell Correctional Center, and expands at Warren Correctional Institute.

Two teams graduate!

Sally is partnered with Kayley Thorpe as her mobility assistance dog, and Rufus is partnered with Elizabeth Nicholls as her diabetic alert dog.

EENP purchases property for headquarters

EENP purchases 1.4 acres with a house in Hillsborough to house our growing operations. There is much work to do to prepare the facility, so headquarters remain in Carrboro while this work progresses!

North Carolina counties litter is born

Adele whelps 10 puppies as part of the ADI Breeding Cooperative (ABC).

Welcome to the Northern California litter!

Eight baby puppies join the team when Sunny whelps a litter as part of the ADI Breeding Cooperative (ABC). Now we have 18 puppies to raise!

Two more teams graduate!

Loy is partnered with Kelli Scurry as her diabetic alert dog, and Chick is partnered with Chloe Veeder as her medical alert dog.

Sunny's next litter is due

Sunny is expected to whelp her next litter of puppies on December 15th!
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